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Briggs’ Shetland Lamb

Shetland Lamb direct from Shetland crofts.

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“I am a Shetland Crofter who specialises in breeding Native Shetland Sheep. In other words, pure bred Shetland sheep born and raised in Shetland.”

“Encouraged by the launch of Scottish Crofting Produce Mark in 2009, I started to sell Briggs’ Shetland Lamb PDO by direct-retail, through my website, to home freezing and restaurant customers.”

Richard Briggs

The PDO initials stand for Protected Designation of Origin. Lamb up to 12 months of age qualifies, provided that it was born, raised and slaughtered in Shetland. It is one of only four Scottish products which proved distinctive enough during the stringent selection process to be awarded the highest status, PDO, under the EU Protected food name regulations. This is one of the few legally backed labels of food provenance.

For sale is a whole lamb, cut into joints and packed chilled into an insulated box ready for dispatch. This is a seasonal product. Richard believes that the best flavoured Shetland lamb comes from animals that graze the natural Shetland plants and grasses. To ensure quality, he asks customers to order their lamb whilst it is still on the hoof and then processes batches for delivery when they are ready through the autumn. Briggs’ Shetland Lamb PDO won a One Gold Star Award in The Great Taste Awards 2010.

Not every lamb grows big enough to be ready for sale by Christmas. These smaller lambs are over wintered and sold as Shetland Hogget (two summers old) in August. This is the meat that has won a Two Gold Star Award in The Great Taste Awards 2011. Because customers have asked for it, he sells Shetland mutton in February.

Richard’s aim is to offer, a quality product of rare provenance backed up by a high level of service.

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  • Great Taste Award 2012 – 2 stars (Briggs’ Shetland Seaweed Lamb)
  • Great Taste Award 2011 – 2 stars (Briggs’ Shetland Hogget)
  • Great Taste Award 2010 – 1 star (Briggs’ Shetland Lamb PDO)

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