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Canalla is a company with a Spanish background and good values. The love of artisan food with a story is at the heart of everything they make.

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Canalla, with its Spanish roots, was set up by Boris Jódar to not only bring you nice food, but also to tell you its story and its values. Boris believes that food is not just about eating, it is a whole attitude of who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Inspired by his father and his large food library, Boris started his cooking and culinary exploration, aged 15. Now, amazed by the huge London food scene, he wants to contribute with his own personal vision.

But Canalla is more than just Spanish food, it’s also about exciting food from around the world such as their Fennec Shakshuka Sauce, a sauce originally from North Africa and Israel.

Shakshuka is a spiced tomato and red pepper sauce made from all the best ingredients.
Fresh vegetables are sourced from local groceries in Haringey Borough when possible. Rich and sweet smoked paprika comes from Extremadura (South West Spain) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also from Spain.

Everything is prepared from scratch, the vegetables are peeled, cut and finally slowly cooked with love and care to get the best flavour from them. No sugar, additives or preservatives are added. Just by using homemade cooking techniques a sauce is produced that keeps all its flavour after months of being made.

The result is a versatile sauce with a smooth, smokey flavour and a nice kick at the end.
Amazing with eggs, add some feta cheese, sausages or bacon and enjoy a superb brunch or meal at home in less than 20 minutes.

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