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Mortier’s Fine Tea was started in 2010 to reveal the wonderful single estate teas that Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) produces: A synthesis of the island’s perfect ‘tea climate’ together with 150 years of tea making experience.

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Mortier’s Fine Tea was founded in 2010 by Rochelle Mortier who wanted to bring to light, the best teas that Sri Lanka has to offer. The island of Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon is situated in the Indian Ocean at the southern tip of India and produces some of the best tasting teas in the world.

The island’s climate is perfect for growing tea, with the monsoonal rains, sunshine and sea winds.
Mortier’s Fine Tea is especially different to other teas as it is cultivated in the ‘Hill Country’ where the higher altitude gives rise to a distinct flavour. It is more extreme in taste being full-bodied, smooth with no bitterness.

Mortier’s supply their naturally flavourful superior teas from single estates which they believe you’ll want to drink over and over again.

Considered to be some of the most exciting teas produced, high-grown single estate Ceylon tea is produced for the discerning tea drinker.
The finest Ceylon teas come from estates which are situated over 4000 feet above sea level making them extremely palatable with pronounced seasonal flavours and never harsh.

Mortier’s selects the best single estate Ceylon teas; high grown (above 4500 ft) from single estates in the Nuwara Eliya, UVA, Dimbula, and Maskeliya regions.

The tea leaves are carefully hand-picked and then processed; withered, rolled and fermented, using years of skill and experience to produce a unique natural product season after season.
To preserve the unforgettable aroma, the teas are packed immediately after manufacture.

With a guaranteed provenance backed up with the ‘lion logo’ Mortier’s teas always has proof of 100% pure Ceylon tea, packed in Sri Lanka.

All the teas are sourced directly by Mortier’s from well managed estates. Some are fair trade and owned by the community, illustrating the best examples of corporate responsibility in Sri Lanka. All the estates selected by Mortier’s maintain labour standards and supporting worker benefits

Ceylon Single Estate Breakfast Tea
A classic Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Single Estate leaf tea that produces a smooth, full bodied flavour, and fresh aroma. An excellent breakfast tea which can be taken with or without milk.
Grown at 4200 feet above sea level for best natural flavour.

Earl Grey with natural Bergamot
Mortier’s natural Earl Grey tea, is wonderfully aromatic, producing a light, pale golden brew with the natural (as opposed to synthetic) flavour of Bergamot (a small Italian citrus fruit).
The leaf is a flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP), from East of Nuwara Eliya on the Uda Pussellawa mountain range. A medium-bodied tea with a subtle character.
Ideal to drink anytime of the day. Best drunk black or with a splash of milk. A most memorable Earl Grey.

Ceylon Single Estate Orange Pekoe Tea
This Orange Pekoe black tea is the Mortier’s Fine Tea house favourite. It gives an amber liquor with a pungency and requires brewing for at least 3 minutes. The rolled leaves are large and unfurl nicely when infused. This tea is sustainably cultivated from the community owned Iddalgashinne estate. Iddalgashinne estate is a fairly traded estate.

Single Estate Green tea
A sought after single estate green tea with a large twisted leaf. When infused, a pale-green liquor is produced with an ultra-fresh, cut-grass bouquet and distinct but light flavour. Iddalgashinne estate uses the most rigorous and sophisticated production processes possible.

All teas can be obtained as loose leaf and in tea bags. Catering packs are also available.

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Great Taste Awards 2018:

  • Pure Ceylon Green Tea – 2 stars

In 2011 and 2012 several ‘Single estate’ teas won Great Taste Awards.

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