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A Pie’wich for vegetarians and vegans

Artisan Food Trail Approved, The Russian Food Company

Russian Food Company Vegetarian Vegan Pie'wich 01 - The Artisan Food Trail

The Russian Food Company caters for those who are vegetarian or vegan and we had the chance to try two types of Pie’wich® made for these categories.

In a previous review we tested the Pie’wich® suitable for omnivores and also looked at the background of The Russian Food Company.

What is interesting is how The Russian Food Company have created a brioche dough which is completely vegan. Brioche normally contains two main dairy ingredients; eggs and butter to give a fluffy texture and rich flavour.

Following the reheating instructions, we ate the Pie’wiches warm which helped to enhance the flavour of the fillings.

Russian Food Company Vegetarian Vegan Pie'wich 02 - The Artisan Food Trail
Russian Food Company Vegetarian Vegan Pie'wich 03 - The Artisan Food Trail

Triple Cheese Pie’wich® (vegetarian)

Think of a cheese and onion pie. This triple cheese Pie’wich is like that but better. Bursting with a generous quantity of cheese, a combination of feta, mozzarella and strong cheddar, there’s a good punch of savoury flavour. You can tell that high quality cheeses have been chosen.

The dough is soft and yielding and holds the filling perfectly. Surprisingly not one bit of the satisfyingly oozey cheese comes out.

Russian Food Company Vegetarian Vegan Pie'wich 04 - The Artisan Food Trail
Russian Food Company Vegetarian Vegan Pie'wich 05 - The Artisan Food Trail

Mushroom & Spinach Pie’wich® (vegan)

Bearing in mind this Pie’wich is totally vegan, the pastry is a revelation and a testament to the skills of the cook. Whilst it may not taste buttery, it does have a richness and the texture is identical to the non-vegan original. The Russian Food Company uses sunflower oil for the fat content and almond milk easily takes the place of the egg.

The filling has a wonderful mushroom aroma and the taste of the chanterelle and oyster mushrooms is deep. Combined with silky spinach and beautifully balanced seasoning it is extremely delicious indeed.

Artisan Food Trail Approved
We are pleased to give this award to The Russian Food Company for their Triple Cheese Pie’Wich and Mushroom & Spinach Pie’wich.

The Pie’wich® is available at markets and can be bought online from The Russian Food Company website.

Trade enquiries welcome.

Russian Food Company Vegetarian Vegan Pie'wich 06 – The Artisan Food Trail

Photos: © childsdesign

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