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Made in Sheffield, The Russian Food Company’s Russian cuisine is “gourmet convenience food for busy people”. It looks stunning and tastes amazing – winning over 40 national food honours including a 3 star Great Taste Award. Truly authentic.

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Founded by Leeza Murina, The Russian Food Company’s history goes back to her family’s business started in the 1800’s in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now in Sheffield, Leeza has revived six generations of old fashioned baking knowledge.

The Russian Food Company is Europe’s only maker of a traditional premium Russian Piroshki.
Think very deep pie filling encased in a pretty brioche bun. Uniquely positioned between an artisan pie and a gourmet sandwich – branded ‘Pie’wich’®.
The company also makes a range of popular and award-winning starters, main courses and desserts – all with their origins in Russia.

“Gourmet convenience food for busy people” is handmade, fresh and available for sale direct to the public in the UK.
Their best selling range is the traditional premium Russian Piroshki (meaning ‘small pie’) which the company has branded as a ‘Pie’wich’®.
Each ‘Pie’wich’® us hand-decorated and beautifully baked. All of them are delicious whether served hot or cold – eaten in the hand or as part of a main course meal. There’s a ‘Pie’wich’® to cover all meal occasions – breakfast, snacks, lunch and evening dinner. A range of ‘Pie’wich’® fillings are offered including meat, fish, vegan and vegetarian.

The Russian Food Company have won over 40 national UK food awards including 30+ British Pie Awards including 2 Class Champions, as well as Great Taste Awards – 1 star, 2 star and even a 3 star – the latter putting them in the top 1% of foods tasted by the judges.

Besides the ‘Pie’wich’®, the product range includes main course dishes, like Creamy Russian Chicken Stroganoff, Golden Vegetable Ragout and Russian Winter Salad, plus Russian Honey Cake and Cinnamon Bunza®.

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Great Taste Awards 2019
Russian Honey Cake – 1 Star

Great Taste Awards 2018
Chicken & Chorizo ‘Pie’wich’® – 2 Stars
Salmon & Cream Cheese ‘Pie’wich’® – 1 Star

British Pie Awards
Triple Cheese ‘Pie’wich’® – Gold
Moroccan Veggie ‘Pie’wich’® – Silver
Mushroom & Spinach ‘Pie’wich’® – Silver
Goats Cheese ‘Pie’wich’® – Bronze

The Origin of the Pies

First made in the 1700’s, the original Piroshki was known as the Russian miner’s pie. Its unique hand decoration was a visual reminder to the miner of his wife’s love as he toiled dangerously below ground. She deliberately fully encased the generous filling in a bread dough to stop it from falling out – and to keep it fresher longer.

Baking Heritage

Described as “200 years in the Baking” The Russian Food Company’s heritage spans six generations of Russian baking knowledge.
The UK business has created a multi-award winning 21st century version of the piroshki. Each pie is handcrafted to suit the taste and ingredient preferences of today’s healthy eaters.

The dough recipe is at least 150 years old and like then nothing is used other than traditionally milled flours without the addition of junk. In addition, other ingredients are sourced locally from suppliers who also avoid the unnecessary contamination of their produce.

The minimum of mechanisation is used in the making of the handcrafted Russian piroshki following the old traditional ways of making food.

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Products from The Russian Food Company

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Available in a variety of fillings, each ‘Pie’wich’® weighs approximately 180g and is delivered fresh and chilled.

The ‘Pie’wich’® can be eaten cold, although it’s recommend that they are best enjoyed straight from the oven. They warm up quickly – after pre-heating the oven to 180°C. Place a piece of aluminium foil over the top of the pie to prevent excess browning and heat for 15 minutes. Then serve.
The ‘Pie’wich’® has a 5 day shelf life in the fridge and can be frozen for 3 months.

Chicken & Chorizo ‘Pie’wich’®
Lightly sweet soft buttery baked brioche around a seasoned filling of chicken and two chorizo varieties

Moroccan Veggie ‘Pie’wich’® (Vegetarian)
Lightly sweet soft buttery baked brioche around a seasoned filling of roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, sweet pepper, leek, peas and mild spices.

Triple Cheese ‘Pie’wich’® (Vegetarian)
Lightly sweet soft buttery baked brioche around a seasoned filling of mozzarella, feta and strong Cheddar cheeses.

Mushroom & Spinach ‘Pie’wich’® (Vegan)
Lightly sweet, soft vegan buttery yeast dough around a seasoned filling of Chanterelle mushrooms, spinach, leek, mozzarella and Cheddar style cheeses.

Salmon & Cream Cheese ‘Pie’wich’®
Lightly sweet, soft buttery yeast dough around a seasoned filling of poached salmon, smoked salmon and Philadelphia® cream cheese.



Goats Cheese and Roasted Veg ‘Pie’wich’® (Vegetarian)
A generous topping of goats cheese, roasted red onion, cherry and sun-dried tomatoes and kale sitting on a base of lightly sweet, soft buttery brioche. Enough for two people to share.

Golden Vegetable Ragout (Vegetarian)
A delicious combination of aubergine, sweet peppers, tomato, onion, garlic, parsley. This versatile dish can be enjoyed cold with the Russian Borodinsky bread or a ‘Pie’wich’®or heated up and served with rice, potatoes or bulgur. 380g (approx)

Creamy Russian Chicken Stroganoff
British chicken in a Russian Stroganoff fresh cream sauce with onion (no mushrooms) 380g (approx). Enough for two people to share.

Russian Winter Salad
Beetroot, white cabbage, carrot and onion with a hint of garlic in a vinaigrette salad dressing.

Russian Borodinsky Bread
Celebrated traditional bread from Russia – A dark brown sourdough red rye bread of Russian origin made in Sheffield from a starter dough that travelled over from St. Petersburg.
The bread is lightly dense with a soft crumb, made with traditional dark rye malt and molasses, rich in the pungent flavours of coriander and caraway seeds.

Cooked, ready to heat bulgur makes a great accompaniment to the Creamy Chicken Stroganoff or for a lighter meat-free alternative, it is delicious when served with the Golden Vegetable Ragout.


Russian Honey Cake slice
Five layers of steamed honey sponge separated by Madagascar vanilla and caramel butter cream.

Russian Cinnamon Bunza®
Sweet brioche bun with lashings of sweet cinnamon.

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