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Application to Join The Artisan Food Trail

Want to become a member? Apply now to find out if you’re eligible.

Who do we like to work with?

The Artisan Food Trail only works with artisan food and drink businesses based in the United Kingdom.

For an affordable annual membership fee of £120 +VAT we help create more awareness for your business.

What are your membership criteria?

It is likely that you do consider yourself to be an artisan food or drink producer and it is how you found our website.

To be sure that we have the right applications, we ask that you check our criteria to see if your business fits the values of The Artisan Food Trail.

  • Your business must be registered in the United Kingdom
  • We understand that some produce is not grown in the UK and these products are accepted as long as your business is registered in the UK
  • A handmade element must be included in the making of your products
  • Your products are produced in small batches i.e not mass produced using automated production lines
  • Meat should be from animals that are reared ethically and enjoy as natural a life as possible

If you fit these criteria you are eligible to become a member of The Artisan Food Trail.

Visit our membership information page to find out more about what we offer.

How do you check my application?

We carry out a number of checks to ensure businesses are UK based, this may involve looking up your business on Companies House, for instance. Some of you, as sole traders, won’t necessarily be listed there, so we look for other evidence that you are based in the UK.

We don’t carry out a personal inspection of your premises and trust that the information you provide is true and complies with Trading Standards.

How and when will we get back to you?

We aim to respond to your application with 7 working days – this can take longer during public holidays – please see our contact page for up-to-date opening hours. We will send you an email to let you know whether or not your application has been accepted.

A temporary Starter Membership account will be set up for you so that you can pay online and submit your details. This will remain active for 14 days.
We will send you details on how to access your account after you receive our acceptance of your application.

Thank you for getting in touch

    Your business

    Please complete all fields below to tell us about your business. This information will be used to help us make the decision as to whether you are suitable to become a member of The Artisan Food Trail. We will contact you by email to let you know whether or not you have qualified.

    An introduction to you and your products

    Where are your products stocked?

    Please tell us where your products are currently sold.(Tick all that apply)

    Farmers' MarketsFarm ShopsFood FestivalsDelicatessensIndependent RetailersMajor RetailersOnline ShopsYour Website ShopFrom Your PremisesDirect to Restaurants

    Selling online with The Artisan Food Trail

    Our online shop is exclusive to our members only.
    PLEASE NOTE: Our shop is NOT currently operational. We are assessing the current demand.
    If you would like to be included in our online store please indicate below.
    When the shop is ready, we'll contact you separately, after your application has been accepted, about the information required for inclusion in our shop and all terms and conditions.

    How did you hear about The Artisan Food Trail?

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