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You may have a great product, but as time goes on it won’t be the product that your customers will be tasting first,
it’ll be the images that you put in front of them.

‘Leave it to us’ photography service

We are able to offer rates from £16.50 +VAT per image (less for AFT members) if you’re able to use our ‘leave it to us service’.

How the ‘leave it to us’ photography service works

Send us your product/produce and we’ll shoot it for you to show it off in a way we think it looks best. We’ll use props that we already have, if required. We will photograph your products as soon as as we have a space in our schedule or out of usual office hours.

This will usually be within 2 or 3 days and we’ll be sure to discuss delivery of your products to us for those products that are time or storage sensitive.

If your product or produce is more than ‘out of’ the bag, box or jar and requires preparation, cooking or more, there may be an additional charge for this dependent on the extra time and work required.

We’ll discuss this with you before giving you our quote and make sure that you’re happy with these charges before we commence – you won’t get a surprise bill, it’ll be what we’ve agreed.

Why do we offer this type of service?

Many photographers will charge for a half or full day’s photography regardless of you only requiring a handful of simple shots that may take only an hour.

For smaller businesses, by offering a ‘per image’ cost – even for 5 or 10 images – this can be very cost effective as you won’t be paying for additional studio time that you may not use.

If you have a large number of images that you’d like to leave with us to shoot, we may be able to work out a further discount for you once we know the quantities and complexity of the shots required.

Help us to help you with the ‘extras’

We can also offer specific props or small set build, but this can be an expensive or non-essential additional cost – if you have your own props that you’d like to use, then you can leave those with us too. If you’re local we won’t charge to deliver these back to you, if you’re further afield we’ll only charge you our costs for return.

Can clients visit the studio?

We’re sorry, but because of the sometimes confidential nature of the work that we produce, and the ‘leave it to us’ service, we are not able to invite clients into the studio for shoots.

Half/Full Day Location (4 or 8 hours)

We can come to you

Depending on how transportable your products are, this may be a better option for you.

Unfortunately we can’t offer images as low as £16.50 +VAT each as we would need to charge you a half or full day (although we do reduce this for The Artisan Food Trail members). Any travel or additional expenses that we may incur would also need to be charged.

Coming to you does also allow us to take reportage style images of you in your workplace, creating your produce and showing your craft.

What happens on the day?

On the day booked, we’ll shoot as much as we possibly can for you, make a shortlist selection the following day and carry out any minor retouching on a handful of the images, then supply all of these along with the out-takes on disc for you to use as you wish.

How much space is needed to set up for photography?

You’ll need to remember that we’ll need an area to shoot that has reasonable access and room for lighting if required – allow for an area around the size of a standard dining table that has access from three sides for the majority of plate/small chopping board sized products.

How much does it cost?

A half day is from £200 +VAT, a full day is from £350 +VAT.

If an assistant is required this would be an additional £100 +VAT for a half day and £175 +VAT for a full day, with any additional travel/expenses to be paid*.

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