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Email Marketing

Email marketing should be an integral part of your everyday marketing activity.

Unlike advertisements placed in the local paper and direct-mail, email marketing can be tracked. This means you’ll be able to see who has opened your email, clicked to your website or downloaded your product information. It allows you to target individuals with specific information and offers in a structured and controlled manner. It can even be automated to send additional messages when actions are triggered by the recipient. Email marketing is a cost-effective form of promotional activity which can be delivered when you want it to be delivered, almost instantly.

First impressions count, so we can help brand your emails and help with the set-up of additional data capture through your website, blog or social media.

We would advise that you don’t go out and buy 10,000 email addresses online, but that you build your own emailing lists. This is the most focussed form of email marketing; as you are sending to people that want to hear from you and have an interest in your products.

We have a high open success rate with our campaigns and can assist with strategy, content and deployment. If you would like to discuss a campaign and the additional value that we can bring, get in contact today:

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Connect with Customers

  • Keep your current customers up to date with your business, products and promotions


  • Market to businesses that you would like to stock your products

Members Email Marketing

  • As a member of The Artisan Food Trail you will be eligible to promote your products in any of our newsletters
  • As a member you are eligible to single producer campaigns to our selected trade contacts (additional fee applies)

Join The Artisan Food Trail

If you are a UK artisan food or drink producer you could benefit in any number of ways by becoming a member.

Joining Allows You:

  • Promotion on our website & Social Media
  • Access to Partners Services
  • Discounted Services & Products
  • Sell through our Online Shop


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