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Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars

Cotswolds based artisan maker of fine fruit vinegars.
Balanced recipes allow maximum versatility in the kitchen ensuring that the true aromas of all the fruit and herb flavours shine through.

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Whilst the making of fruit vinegars is a fine old British tradition, Womersley are proud to say that they have perfected recipes which will delight and surprise you. The recent popularity of drinking vinegars has further increased the profile of Womersley fruit vinegars.

Their multi-award winning vinegars all contain generous quantities of the rich fruits which give them a luxurious finish. They have produced a range of flavours which you can use in the making of or to accompany almost any dish.

Most popular are:

  • Raspberry vinegar. With its intense flavour it is great splashed into a glass of fizz
  • Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper which gives a zesty kick to seafood; try a drizzle over your salmon before baking in the oven
  • Blackcurrant & Rosemary. A generous splash will make your roast lamb gravy luxuriously rich and flavoursome and it’s a real winner on roasted veg, too.
  • Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli won the Golden Fork Award 2014 in the Great Taste Awards and is specifically created to give you a delicious sweet and heat infusion to your salads and stir fries.

All vinegars are made by hand in a BRC accredited kitchen in England, using only natural ingredients.

All products are Vegetarian Society approved.

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Great Taste Awards 2022:

  • Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar – 1 star
  • Blackcurrant & Rosemary Jam – 1 star

Great Taste Awards 2021:

  • Strawberry & Mint Vinegar – 2 stars

Great Taste Awards 2018:

  • Raspberry Vinegar – 3 stars

Great Taste Awards 2016:

  • Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar – 2 stars
  • Strawberry & Mint Vinegar – 2 stars
  • Orange & Mace Vinegar – 1 star

Nigel Barden Heritage Award 2014

Great Taste Awards 2014:

  • Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar – Top 50 Foods
  • Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar – 3 stars
  • Raspberry Vinegar – 3 stars
  • Orange & Mace Vinegar – 1 star

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