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Recipe: Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Capers

This quick dish of pasta with smoked salmon and capers is something delicious that can be rustled up as a midweek meal. With just a few ingredients, it takes no time at all to prepare the sauce, in fact, the pasta takes longer to boil! The recipe is unusual in that it...

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Recipe: Persian Honey Cakes

These Persian Honey Cakes really celebrate the beauty of honey at its best. The nutty orange-flavoured cakes are left to absorb a scented honey syrup. You can serve them either with coffee or tea, or as an after-dinner sweetmeat. As a dessert they are excellent with...

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Recipe: Turkey & Ham Croquetas

With their crunchy exterior and irresistible creamy centre, these turkey croquetas are delicious with a cool beer or glass of white wine. This recipe is based on a Spanish dish, although wouldn’t normally include saffron. We thought we’d make them a little more...

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Recipe: Turkey Farmer’s Pie

Shepherds have got one so why not turkey farmers? When we came up with our turkey pie recipe we were going to call it a turkey herder’s pie but that sounded somewhat euphemistic (stop giggling!). So Turkey Farmer's Pie it became. It is inspired by the shepherd’s...

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