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Hibiscus Lily Lemon & Ginger with Turmeric Marmalade hits the mark

Artisan Food Trail Approved, Hibiscus Lily

Lemon & Ginger with Turmeric Marmalade – Hibiscus Lily - The Artisan Food Trail
Having eaten a lot of marmalade, we have come to know what we really like in terms of flavour. Marmalades which are at the top of our taste list are usually properly tangy with just a hint a of bitterness. Hibiscus Lily’s Lemon & Ginger with Turmeric Marmalade very much hits the mark.
The lemon is zesty and bright with a good dash of ginger adding a little tingling heat to enliven the tastebuds.

Hibiscus Lily have added a little innovation to this marmalade reflecting their Indian roots. Turmeric with its bright golden hue and sweet, earthy flavour sits perfectly well with citrus and spice.

Whether the turmeric would be missed, if omitted, is not certain but it will appeal to those who know that turmeric has health benefits.

Artisan Food Trail Approved
We are pleased to give this award to Hibiscus Lily for their Lemon & Ginger with Turmeric Marmalade
This is a fabulous marmalade to be enjoyed at breakfast on toast and perfectly complements a good cup of English Breakfast Tea.
For the more adventurous, the Lemon & Ginger with Turmeric Marmalade is a great addition to a marinade for meat such as chicken, duck or pork or even oily fish.
Photo: © Hibiscus Lily

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