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Enjoy the all natural flavour of Earl Grey teabags from Mortier’s

Artisan Food Trail Approved

Earl Grey Teabags – Mortier's Fine Tea - The Artisan Food Trail

When looking for a tea with a light, bright flavour, Mortier’s Earl Grey teabags are a good choice.
As with all their single estate Ceylon teas it has such a smooth character and no bitterness from the tannin.

A high tannin tea can sometimes negate the special taste qualities of an Earl Grey.
Mortier’s use all natural bergamot oil to imbue their tea with a subtle citrus aroma and flavour.

The tea is sourced from the Sri Lankan estates on the Uda Pussellawa mountain range and is medium-bodied with a subtle character.

The finished brew is full-flavoured and exciting to the palate and the smoothness allows the tea to be enjoyed without milk.

Earl Grey tea is a always good with a slice of cake in the afternoon and Mortier’s version perfectly complements our Lemon Loaf Cake.

Artisan Food Trail Approved
We are pleased to give this award to Mortier’s Fine Tea for their Earl Grey Teabags
Photo: © childsdesign

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