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New website and packaging for Thule Ventus

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Thule Ventus new website 1 - The Artisan Food Trail

The Thule Ventus website has been given a new look to complement its salt cod packaging.

The Shetland based artisan producer hand prepares top quality fish which is caught by family-owned Shetland fishing boats. All fish is sustainable and comes from quota controlled stocks in the pure wild waters around Shetland.

The Thule Ventus website

For those not familiar with the Shetland tradition of preserving fish by salting and air-drying, the website gives a detailed insight into the history, heritage and techniques used.

An online shop allows visitors, to the website, to order direct and securely from Thule Ventus at All popular payment methods are accepted.

A collection of recipes can be viewed to inspire customers on what to make with their salt cod purchases.

Thule Ventus new website 2 - The Artisan Food Trail
Thule Ventus new website 3 - The Artisan Food Trail

New packaging

There are two sizes available, the large 250g box (priced at £19.95) and the smaller 50g pouch (£4.85).

When still sealed the packs can be stored without the need for refrigeration in the cupboard for up to a year.

The 50g pouch is ideal for those to who wish to experiment and there is enough to make a small number of fishcakes.

Photos: © Thule Ventus

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