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Easy snacking, no stones, no oil, no mess – Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack

Artisan Food Trail Approved

Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack Approved 1 - The Artisan Food Trail

Grabbing some olives, to take as an on-the-go snack, may not always seem an obvious choice, mainly because they can be a little messy but Mr Filbert’s have made things better with their Olive Snack range.

We were sent three varieties to try packed in handy 30g portion pouches which contain just enough to enjoy as part of a meal or to complement a drink.

Rather than swimming in brine or oil, Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack bags keep the contents a little drier for a more pleasant eating experience.
The olives have also been carefully pitted so there are no stones to deal with either.

Good quality olives have been selected which have a nice texture, neither too hard or too squishy and the flavour is full and fruity.

There are small flecks of herbs and spices providing evidence that real ingredients have been used to marinate the olives.

Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack Approved 2 - The Artisan Food Trail
As with some marinated olives, no garlic has been used which results in a clean fresh aroma and taste. A little extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and red wine vinegar is the base for all and balances well with each different herb and spice addition.

Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack Approved 3 - The Artisan Food TrailKalamata Pitted Olives marinated with thyme & parsley

Wonderful moist and fruity black olives with a subtle herby flavour which is woody and fragrant from the thyme although the parsley is not very noticeable. The initial flavour is fairly faint but the herbal notes come later.

Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack Approved 4 - The Artisan Food TrailKalamata & Green Pitted Olives marinated with sweet chilli & basil

Again, good flavoured black and green olives. The chilli is quite tame and to be honest we were expecting a little more kick. That’s probably not a bad thing as some people prefer their chillies not too hot. The basil adds some aniseed background flavour.

Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack Approved 5 - The Artisan Food TrailGreen Pitted Olives marinated with fennel & coriander

Nice juicy green olives and in our opinion, this variety is the best of the bunch with a bright and exciting flavour. The fennel has a nice aniseed flavour backed up with the fragrance of coriander leaf which doesn’t have that characteristic soapy taste which some people notice.

Artisan Food Trail Approved
We are pleased to give this award to Filbert’s Fine Foods for their

  • Kalamata Pitted Olives marinated with thyme & parsley
  • Kalamata & Green Pitted Olives marinated with sweet chilli & basil
  • Green Pitted Olives marinated with fennel & coriander
Each pack holds around 10-12 olives which is an ideal individual portion and perfect to enjoy with a work lunch or to nibble on while sipping a G&T.
Retailing at 99p per pack, which seems quite a lot to pay, but for the convenience of individual portions with less mess, there seems to be a logic in this.

Find out more about Filbert’s Fine Foods on The Artisan Food Trail

Photos: © childsdesign, Filbert’s Fine Foods

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