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More pies pass the taste test from Bray’s Cottage

Artisan Food Trail Approved, Bray's Cottage

You may or may not know that Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies make a variety of porky fillings for their delicious pies and we had the opportunity to test two more.

First up was the ‘All Day Breakfast’. Don’t listen to anyone who says you shouldn’t eat a pork pie for breakfast. When they’re as good as this, that is surely a very daft statement!

Bray's Cottage Pork Pies 2 - The Artisan Food Trail
Bray's Cottage Pork Pies 1 - The Artisan Food Trail
Sarah didn’t divulge her recipes to us, but we can say that the pork is well seasoned and we could detect a touch of herbs, perhaps thyme. There’s plenty of smokey bacon in there too, a little quail’s egg and even baked beans.

The second pie is the ‘Wiveton’ pie taking its name after the North Norfolk village. It has a lovely fresh summery flavour from the nice balance of lemon zest, garlic and parsley.

Artisan Food Trail Approved
We are pleased to give this award to Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies for their All Day Breakfast Pork Pie and Wiveton Pork Pie
Photos: © childsdesign

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