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Womersley introduce new look jams

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Womersley Jam 1 – The Artisan Food Trail

Womersley Foods have brought a fresh new look to their range of handmade jams with a set of brighter designed labels.

Not only has an image update taken place but the jam recipes have been improved too.

The looser set preserves are bursting with fruit flavour – plump blackcurrants, luscious raspberries, fragrant strawberries and the freshness of mint for that joyous taste of summer.

“My darling Mum, Aline Parsons, made superb jams many years before we even thought of doing vinegars. So I thought it would be a lovely part of our story to go “back to our roots.” I have always felt that the recipes of our vinegars lend themselves very well to inspiring new jam recipes.”

Rupert Parsons

Owner, Womersley Foods

Jam can be used for so much more than a sandwich or on a slice of toast or scone.
Take a look at Womersley’s suggestions for using their jams in exciting ways…

Womersley Jam 2 – The Artisan Food Trail

Strawberry & Mint

More than for cake…

If you are planning to make amazing jam tarts, then this is the jam for you. Or why not try it stirred into the cream for your pavlova then just add lots of strawberries.

Womersley Jam 3 – The Artisan Food Trail

Blackcurrant & Rosemary Jam

More than for scones…

Makes a delicious marinade for lamb, perfect on the BBQ or roasted or the inspiring layer of jam in the middle of your chocolate cake.

Womersley Jam 4 – The Artisan Food Trail

Raspberry & Chilli Jam

More than for toast…

This vibrant jam also makes a delicious addition to a cocktail, just add a teaspoonful to a glass with a dash of gin and top up with Prosecco.

As Womersley jams are all suitable vegetarians and vegans they would make the perfect gift for anyone especially with Christmas coming up…
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Photos: © Womersley Foods

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