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Go wild – enjoy a Scottish venison charcuterie box

Great Glen Charcuterie

Wild Venison Charcuterie Box – Great Glen Charcuterie 01 – The Artisan Food Trail
Scottish artisan producer Great Glen Charcuterie have come up with a delicious solution to solve your ordering dilemma. Let their Wild Venison Feast box be the aid to your indecision.

The box contains a wonderful selection of their finest wild venison products and with generous packs of eight different types of charcuterie, £40 is not a bad price.

Fantastic for a celebration and a great way to entertain friends and family for a gourmet gathering. All the packs have a three month shelf-life so if if you don’t manage to open all of them, they’ll keep long enough for another time.

Wild Venison Charcuterie Box – Great Glen Charcuterie 02 – The Artisan Food Trail

Each Wild Venison Feast box contains:

  • 55g (min) sliced Venison Bresaola
  • 75g (min) sliced Smoked Venison
  • 90g (min) sliced Green Pepper Venison Salami
  • 90g (min) sliced Mustard Seed Salami
  • 90g (min) sliced Venison & Pork Salami
  • 60g (min) Venison Chorizo
  • 60g (min) Chilli Venison Chorizo
  • 60g (min) Venison & Pork Chorizo
  • Plus a recipe booklet to give you some further tasty ideas

The Wild Venison Feast box can be ordered directly from Great Glen Charcuterie’s website

Photos: © Great Glen Charcuterie

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