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Recipe: Turkey & Ham Croquetas

With their crunchy exterior and irresistible creamy centre, these turkey croquetas are delicious with a cool beer or glass of white wine. This recipe is based on a Spanish dish, although wouldn’t normally include saffron. We thought we’d make them a little more...

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Recipe: Turkey Farmer’s Pie

Shepherds have got one so why not turkey farmers? When we came up with our turkey pie recipe we were going to call it a turkey herder’s pie but that sounded somewhat euphemistic (stop giggling!). So Turkey Farmer's Pie it became. It is inspired by the shepherd’s...

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Recipe: Turkey Cacciatore

This is turkey cacciatore is our version of an Italian dish and although not entirely authentic, it is ideal to use up leftover turkey. ‘Cacciatore’ means ‘hunter’ and this recipe is hearty, rustic and full of rich flavours with our added spike of chilli heat. For an...

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Recipe: Turkey Pastilla

Pastilla, pronounced 'bast-eeya', is a Moroccan dish which is very much like a pie with an interesting filling of sweetly spiced meat, almond, eggs and herbs encased in crispy filo pastry and dusted with icing sugar. Sounds weird? Actually it is rather good and would...

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Recipe: Turkey ‘Vatapa’

This recipe idea is based on the fiery Brazilian stew known as Vatapa and is very straightforward to make as Capsicana has done most of the work for you. It’s full of flavour with a good kick of chilli to perk up your taste buds. If you need to feed more, for example...

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Recipe: Coronation Turkey

This is our version of coronation chicken, a chicken dish which was originally created to celebrate the coronation of our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Love it or loathe, since then, it has become a popular sandwich filling which sometimes can be a...

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Recipe: Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich

Once the turkey has played its part on Christmas Day there’s usually quite a lot left. One of the most popular ways to carry on eating it, is to stuff it into a sandwich. Perhaps, after a while, turkey sandwiches could be boring but that does depend on what else goes...

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What to do with the turkey leftovers?

Many people buy a large turkey for Christmas and it is inevitable that there will be turkey leftovers no matter how many people sat at the table on the day. The thought of eating cold turkey day after day can be daunting and unfortunately quite boring, so we have put...

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Recipe: Cranberry Sauce

Bright red and shiny, cranberries are the very essence of Christmas. Not only do they look festive but they are the perfect accompaniment to turkey and many other meats eaten at this time. Cranberry sauce is so easy to make, there really is no need to buy it in jars....

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12 Days of Christmas Competition

Win the best tasting products from producers on The Artisan Food Trail in our 12 Days of Christmas Competition Christmas is a time for celebrating with family and friends and the perfect reason to indulge in something a little more special. The Artisan Food Trail...

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